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Track your Beer Inventory with Suds!

Suds is an interactive and intuitive beer inventory application for the iPhone. Suds gives you access to beer information of thousands of beers on our servers. Search by beer name or brewery, or simply scan the barcode off the label to retrieve details about the beer. Add your specific inventory details or save it to your wish list for later. With Suds on your iPhone, a world of beer information is right at your fingertips.

iHomeBrew is the perfect companion to beer events and trips to your local homebrew store!

Homebrewing is a very social hobby. Sharing stories over pints of homebrew with fiends is the reason I got into this hobby. Homebrewers gather together at local monthly meetings and events throughout the year to talk shop. At each and every one of these events, I will undoutedly be asked for some recipe particulars. "What variety of hops did you dry hop this with?", or "How much roasted barley did you use?" are questions that always have me racking my brain. Whether this particular question was directed to my lager that I brewed months ago, or the complex hop bill of my latest IPA - the accuracy of the response was often skeptical at best - especially after a few pints!

iHomeBrew solves this problem, and puts all your recipes at arms length - all the time. With this app on your smartphone, you will have instant access to the stats and list of ingredients for all your brewing recipes. You can browse all your recipes by name or grouped by beer style. The best part, however, is that no additional data entry is needed! iHomeBrew complies with the BeerXML home brewing standard, supported by your favorite home brewing software package, such as BeerSmith or Beer Tools. Simply export your recipes to a file, drag into iTunes, and sync your device. iHomeBrew will import multiple files, so you can organize them as you best see fit. iThe HomeBrews import feature always takes the latest recipe information - so as your recipes change over time, you will always have the latest copy with you.

So next time you find yourself driving past the homebrew store, rest assured that your recipes travel with you, and that you can get the right ingredients to replicate that favorite brew, again.

Version History:

v1.0 - This is the initial release of the software that provides basic importing, sorting and display or your recipes. You can drill down by recipe name or beer style. Each recipe component is grouped with like ingredients in the detail view
To report any issues, voice any comments or criticism, or suggest features for future releases, please contact us by email ( or use our web form.
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